Vision Star APV Mod with Variable Voltage

Vision Star APV Mod with Variable Voltage
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This is a New Great VV mod from Vision. The Vision Variable Voltage Mod has multiple configurations available giving a large amount of functionality and flexibility.  With a chrome finish, the Vision Variable Volt Mod is comfortable to hold and easy to use.  The Vision Variable Voltage Mod can show battery volts and atomizer/cartomizer ohms. It has a 5 Click on/off feature.  With a sealed 510 recessed eGo connector it maximizes the number of different cartomizers or tanks you can use. Great for use with tanks and eGo cartomizers.
- length: 137mm;
- diameter: 22mm.
Vision VV Mod instructions:
1. The Vision VV Mod has 2 methods for reading output, RMS and AVG, and you can switch between them easily. Press either of mini buttons for more than 10 seconds until the LCD screen displays N01 or N02. If you see N01 it is using the AVG method, if you see N02 it means RMS is used. Once the method is diplayed, press either button to toggle between AVG and RMS.
Warning: When the Vision VV Mod uses AVG status, the product may produce a much stronger power on the same atomizer than working in the RMS status and it may damage your atomizer or cartomizer.  So we strongly do suggest you to use the RMS status. Please do NOT try the AVG status if you are not a veteran.
2. The eGo APV has 2 modes it can operate in.   
Mode 1: constant voltage. In this mode, the APV adjusts from 3.0 to 6.0 Volts in .1 volt increments.       
Mode 2: constant power. In this mode, APV adjusts from 3.0 to 15 Watts in .5 Watt increments.
The Mode is switched by holding down the left mini button & the right mini button together at the same time for 3 seconds. You can then toggle between the 2 modes. Then adjust volts or watts up or down using these buttons individually.
3. The  eGo APV  can fit (1)18650, (2)18350, or (1)18350!  All of this without changing the end cap!  It can use protected and IMR flat top and button top 18650s and 18350 batteries.
4. The Vision VV Mod can check and display the atomizer's resistance by holding the right mini button for 3 seconds.
5. The Vision VV Mod can check and display the Li-ion or IMR batteries' voltage by holding the left mini button for 3 seconds.
6. The Vision VV has 510/eGo threading and works well on most atomizers with 510/eGo threading.
7. The Vision VV has a blue OLED display which is easy to read.

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