DSE901 PCC e-cigarette set 1950mAh Sailebao

DSE901 PCC e-cigarette set 1950mAh Sailebao
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DSE901 PCC e-cigarette set 1950mAh Sailebao.

The DSE901 PCC Starter Kit is the ultimate kit to charge your DSE901 e-cigarette on the go.  
This is much improved version of the cigarette DSE-901, probably the best selling cigarette in all relevant markets in the world and their first successful electronic cigarette. The model was improved by covering the biggest minus: very little autonomy. Thus, the batteries supplied with the package are 180 mAh, but they always reload by activating this function from the main body of the package, which looks very good with a pack of cigarettes. It is equipped with a 1950 mAh battery, which can charge two batteries over 10 times, alternately, during which time you use it on the other. Is a product that addresses the first ladies, which is suitable to be a special gift for them or for people who smoke a pack of cigarettes in a day. Smoke is produced by Sailebao - already established producer on the Romanian market of electronic cigarettes.
WARNING! Sailebao product is genuine and we can prove this by certificates of conformity from the manufacturer that you find on the site.

Package contains:
1 x storage device and recharge the batteries provided with the activation button with multiple functions. It provides up to 12 times recharging of both batteries, 1950 mAh
1 X 901 DSE atomizer;
2 X 180 mAh rechargeable batteries;
1 X USB charger power line (active sync cable);
1 X 220V plug adapter for charging unit;
5 X rechargeable cartridges, filled with nicotine in different concentrations;
Mounting the DSE901 PCC e-cigarette:
Step 1: Attach the atomizer to the battery
Step 2: Take a cartridge and remove the protective cap
Step 3: Attach the cartridge to the atomizer and enjoy !
Available color: black.

How to charge battery: 
Screw your battery into the DSE901 PCC charging slot.
Push the button on the front of the PCC case
The light on the battery will blink approximately 5 times indicate it is screwed in and the light on the front of the PCC will illuminate green and then turn a solid red indicating the battery is charging (if it remains green the battery is fully charged)
The light on the front of the PCC case will remain red until the battery has finished charging, at which point it will turn green for 5 seconds and then the light will go off
Simply unscrew your battery and begin vaping!
Technical specifications of dse901 electronic cigarette :
Model : DSE901 electronic cigarette PCC Pack 
Manufacturer : Sailebao company 
Length : 118 mm
Weight : 14 g
Number of puffs provided by a cartridge : 150 puffs ( ~ 15 traditional cigarettes )
Battery capacity : 180 mah 
Battery Voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
A charged battery provides 200 puffs 
Fast Charging time : 1 hour
Features DSE901 PCC KIT : 
Weight: 70g
Capacity lithium battery: 1950mAH
Normal Voltage: 3.0-4.2V
Battery time charging: 1 hour
Time of charging PCC charging device :  5 hours
Lifetime : over 200 full cycles

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