E601 E-Pipe Sailebao Starter kit

E601 E-Pipe Sailebao Starter kit
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E601 E-Pipe Sailebao Starter kit.
It is the latest model of electronic Pipe with cartomizer change system. This will save both time and money because you will change the cartomizer only when it no longer functioning.
E-601 Starter kit uses a Li-ion battery 900mAh 18350. A fully charged battery can support 800-900 puffs.
Each kit contains:
- 1 piece of wood pipe body
- 1 piece black mouthpiece
- 5 pcs  DSE601C  cartomizer
- 2 pcs Li-ion 18350 battery (900mAh - each)
- 1 piece battery charger
- 1 piece instruction manual in English
The 5 cartomizers package have 510 connector .
- Output voltage: 3.3V-4.2V;
- Battery time is about 3.5-4 hours
- Cartomizers compartment size: Length = 40mm, diameter = 9.2mm;
- Cartomizers Color: matte black;
- Cartomizers Volume: 0.9ml (200-230 puffs);
- Cartomizers Resistance: 2.1-2.4 ohm;
- Pipe length: 156mm
- Pipe Weight: 99 g
WARNING: The battery can burn body if a pipe mounted in the wrong direction. Please check battery polarity when inserting it into the pipe body.
How to use epipe?
Step 1: Install the battery and cartomizer enter a correct position.
Step 2: After you have installed the battery, the LED control blinks green once, indicating that the bacteria is mounted correctly.
When using the pipe, control lamp lights up in red and when the pipe is on standby, it turns off.When the battery voltage falls below 3.4V, the light will flash to indicate low power level.
How Charge?
* Please put the battery on charge.
* LED on the charger is red when the bacterium is charging and turns green when the battery is fully charged.
* When charging the battery, please make sure that the polarity of the charger and battery are the same.

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