Greenvaper Evalse Twist 1300mAh 3.2v-4.8v Slb

Greenvaper Evalse Twist 1300mAh 3.2v-4.8v Slb
Brand: Sailebao
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Greenvaper Evalse Twist 1300mAh 3.2v-4.8v Slb.

Manufactured by: Sailebao - Green Vaper.
     Rated Capacity 1300 mAh, limited to 2.5 Amps
     Depending on the voltage range between 3.2 to 4.8 V in steps of 0.1V
     5 click protection function (can be switched on or off by five successive presses within 2 seconds)
     Smart Auto Look function (automatically disengages if action button remains active for more than 10 seconds)
     Dimensions: length 114 mm
     Diameter 16.5 mm

     Compatible with atomizers evodia / T3S / 510 / Ego / Ego-T / CE4 / CE5 / CE6

Voltage variable:
Evaluate battery 1300 mAh Li-Polymer twist knob manually setting the voltage between 3.2 and -4.8 V. Function on / off by pressing the button 5 times in a span of three seconds.
Consistency and quality vapor is directly influenced by the voltage on the battery voltage supplied as a vaporizatorului.Cu provide higher the greater is the resistance of clearomizor temperature and thus increase the degree of vaporization of the liquid cigarette.

Vaporization temperature directly influences the liquid flavor can vary greatly depending on the voltage used. Therefore variable voltage battery can provide diversified and customized experience vapare fiecaruri user. Eval is a type battery Twist - Spinner carebeneficiaza function variable voltage range from 3.2 to 4.8 V to 0.1 V. This step is sufficient voltage range to ensure excellent vapat experience for most vaperilor.Setarea is made very easy by turning the wheel that is based on the battery. Important to note is that once set the voltage remains constant until the complete exhaustion of the battery.

Clearomizoarelor optimal operating voltage varies depending on the specific resistance. 2.2.2 standardization of Ohm resistors work best in the range of 4-4.2 volts, rezsitentele LR or double coil 1-1.5 ohms works well with a low voltage 3.5 to 3.9 Volts. Than 2.5 Ohm resistors work best with voltages over 4.3 volts.

Charge the battery twist evaluate is the classic USB chargers (Ego-T, Ego), and duration of recharge varies depending on the workload, reaching 3:00 when the battery is fully discharged.

1300 mAh battery evaluate twist is made of Green Vaper (formerly Sailebao).
Assess twist spinner is available in black or silver and white finish.

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