SLB eGo 2 Electronic cigarettes kit 1100mah with 10ml E-liquid bonus

SLB eGo 2 Electronic cigarettes kit 1100mah with 10ml E-liquid bonus
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SLB eGo 2 Electronic cigarettes kit 1100mah with 10ml E-liquid bonus.
The 2 electronic cigarettes eGO kit has 2 powerfull 1100 mAh batteries, each one with a 24 hours autonomy per charge. Now you can stay and enjoy a huge amount of vapours due to the eGo Electronic Cigarette Joye 510 atomizer.
Package Contents:
- 2 x eGo battery with 5 click function
- 2 x eGo atomizers
- 2 x eGo cover cone
- 1 x adapter plug
- 1 x USB charger
- 5 x empty eGo cartridges
- User manual
Bonus: 1 bottle of 10 ml liquid
Electronic Cigarette is made with a very decisive automated technology with microelectronic control. Looks like a cigarette, although no tar. Smoke, although no pollution material. You do not need no fuel or fire for smoking it, although it lets you enjoy and enjoy the sensation of taste touch without any risk or dependence on tobacco. It gives you the same feeling as a tobacco cigarette without causing damage tar. In fact, you can smoke healthy, without polluting the environment. Electronic cigarette consists of a stainless steel shell, lithium ion battery, a microelectronic circuit, an atomiser and a light at the end of electronic cigarette. It lets you enjoy the same pleasure that offers you traditional cigarette when inhaling drop of nicotine, imitating the whole process of smoking. Electronic Cigarette creates a healthy smoking cultural atmosphere was declared by authorized experts as the perfect combination of modern micro-electronic technology, biological technology and the conception of a healthy life.
  • Without clothes smell like smoke,
  • No bad breath,
  • No stained teeth,
  • Without social embarrassment.
  • Without passive smoking
  • Can be enjoyed anywhere.
  • No carbon monoxide,
  • No pollution
  • Flameless
  • No tar
How does the electronic cigarette?
Unlike nicotine gum or nicotine patch, cigarette electronic cigarette works as normal. Although instead of burn and smoke, it vaporizes. Nicotine is still delivered through the lungs, but in a form vapor instead of smoke which contains all the toxins that can cause cancer.
A: Healthy. Compared to regular cigarettes, atomized cigarettes do not contain tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, acraldehide, arsenic, aplumb, and other harmful substances, so it will not cause any harm to smokers. In addition, through atomization, liquid nicotine become vapor, and then immediately diluted in air. Low-density steam is hard to absorb again, so do not be passive smoking. Therefore, the electronic cigarette is not no smoking and no danger to people around them.
B: Safety. Compared to regular cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not burn and did not fire, so no problem with fire.
C: Protection of the environment. Electronic cigarettes do not burn, and produce no smoke, no secondhand smoke, no cigarette butts, no electromagnetic radiation.
D: Useful to stop smoking. According to the electronic concentration of nicotine liquid cartridge are divided into four degrees, high strength, medium, low and zero. Those who want to quit smoking can start with a concentration based on their own situation, step by step to reduce the concentration ultimately their purpose is to quit.
A. People
- Long-term Smokers who feel ugly.
- People who work in places where time does not smoke and have the urge to smoke.
- Volunteers who want to quit smoking.
Two. Jobs applicable
- Planes, trains, theaters, hospitals, libraries and other places for smoking.
- In any place where fire is prohibited, fire units as gas stations and forestry centers, etc..

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