Coil for Cloutank M3 dry herb vaporizer Cloupor

Coil for Cloutank M3 dry herb vaporizer Cloupor
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Coil for Cloutank M3 dry herb vaporizer Cloupor.


Cloutank M3 Atomizer Advantages:

1. Detach burner: Chamber and the coil are detached to avoid damage while cleaning
2. M3 chamber: Patent design m3 chamber allows user to "re-mix" the leaves inside the chamber without opening the chamber, which allow the user to reach all of the tobacco leaves inside.
3. Self-cleaning: M3 chamber one push button allows the user to clean the chamber easily without any tool.

How to Use:
Step 1 - Unscrew the bottom of vaporizer. Fill the appropriate amount of tobacco into the vaporizer chamber
Step 2 - Screw down the bottom and connect the battery can start to use
Step 3 - Hold the battery button for about 3 seconds before inhale slowly

Cloutank M3 Vaporizer Specifications:
1. Revolutionary dry herb vaporizer
2. Pyrex glass with pure metal
3. Cleaning and tool combined
4. Hold the patent rights

Please Note:
1. For che best result, please do not overload the chamber. Placing too much tobacco leaves into che chamber will decrease the airflow, resulting with less cloud
2. Please clean the chamber on the regular basis

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